Dust, Fog, & Smoke

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This article is about adding smoke, dust, fog, etc, to a map. Due to their similarities, most of these effects can be achieved by variations of each other.



  • effects/fog_d1_trainstation_02 Used only in the distance. Fit to brush face. HL2-content derived source games only.
  • shadertest/volumetricfog — Doesn't work.
  • tools/toolsfog — Works only with func_smokevolume.
  • tools/toolsskyfog (needs description)


  • env_smokestack and func_dustcloud use numerous sprites to achieve their effect, and can therefore be very expensive to render (some settings will slow your map, especially on low-end systems).
  • CS:S has some cloud props.
  • Shafts of light must be added by hand. There is a model for this (Effects/vol_light.mdl) or you can create a non-solid brush with material models/effects/vol_light001 or vol_light002.
  • To get fog in a 3D skybox, adjust the fog settings in the sky_camera. For best results give it the same settings as the env_fog_controller.
  • <Left 4 Dead 2> There is a Fog Panel in Left 4 Dead 2 that allows in-game manipulation of fog parameters. It is loaded via console command fogui.

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