Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank

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<Half-Life 2> Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank is a 3rd-person single-player total conversion of Half-Life 2.


  • The entire experience is in 3rd-person.
  • Brand new HUD. It contains the following items:
    • Sanity Level Indicator.
    • Locational Damage.
    • Blood Meter.
    • Misc. message area.
    • Radar.
  • This mod will consist of 7 unique maps, with a total of 12 levels altogether.
  • Point Blank Mode - This modiable melee mode will allow you to control your melee attacks with extreme precision. You will be able to do the following manuevres:
    • Grab enemies and choke them.
    • Hand-to-hand combat, including punching and kicking.
  • This is a true to life game, with many plot twists.
  • Pin Point System - Depending on which location you are shot, your player will suffer accordingly. For example, if you are shot in the arm, you will not able to perform stealth kills or hold two-handed weapons.
  • Sanity Level - This indicates how sane the player is. There are several factors that affect your sanity. If the player becomes completely insane, he will commit suicide.
  • Buy and Sell - Throughout the game, you will be able to talk to many friendly NPCs. You will also be able to buy and sell items from them through the Buy and Sell Menu. This is an interesting experience on its own, because their is a certain amount of strategy involved in buying and selling items. The best comparison to this would be Madden's signings of free agents. But it's a bit more in-depth.


This mod is not released yet.


Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank Website