Dreamball Mapping Notes

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This page contains random notes bundled together you may find of use to know.

  • Launching DB with -nomenumusic will disable menu music
  • Dreamball's convars are commonly starting with:


  • Editing the marble camera properties is done with these convars if desired:

(these are sized in Hammer units)

 cl_default_zoom "128.0f"
 cl_maxzoom "512.0f"    //For example if you want to increase the max zoom distance.
 cl_minzoom "8.0f"
 cl_zoomspeed "40.0f"
 cl_zoomdelay "1.0f"
 cl_zoomstep "2.0f"
  • Due to clumsy model compiling on our end, the meant-to-be physics models (i.e. the crates) won't work with prop_physics, so you'll need to use the prop_physics_override.