Dreamball:Creating a Marble Model Changer

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This page discusses using the db powerup modelchanger entity to change the player's marble model while in game. If you'd like to use the model changer we used in the official maps, place the "SDK_content/prefabs/gameplay/marble_model_switcher.vmf" prefab in your map and it's ready to go.

For those who want to make their own for any reasons, the elements that make up the model changer are as follows:

  • A trigger brush - used for firing the model switch (you can use anything else that can fire outputs also).
  • The db powerup modelchanger entity - for defining what our new model is.

To make our model changer now, place a db powerup modelchanger entity in your map. (this is a point entity) Now name it my_model_changer and in the New model field click browse and find the new marble model you want to use. You can also determine a new skin in the New skin field if you want to / or only want to change the model's skin.

Now create a trigger brush for where we'll trigger the model switch. In this trigger add this output:

(or in any other entity that can add outputs)
My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
Io11.png OnStartTouch my_model_changer Fire 0 0.00 No
Note.png Note: you don't need to have it fire 'Only Once', if the player rolls over the trigger again the model change input will simply be ignored until they don't have the model they're trying to switch into

Now your model changer will switch models once triggered.

Tip.png Tip: Use the trigger to also fire outputs to emit particles and play a sound to give a better effect. See the marble_model_switcher.vmf prefab for an example.

See also

  • "Dreamball SDK/SDK_content/prefabs/gameplay/marble_model_switcher.vmf" - a ready made model switcher
  • "Dreamball SDK/SDK_content/mapsrc/sdk_model_switcher.vmf" - an example map of switching the marble model
  • db powerup modelchanger