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This page discusses how to simply enable a 'Jump Powerup' with the db powerup ability jump entity. If you'd like to use the jump changer we used in the official maps, place the "SDK_content/prefabs/gameplay/powerup_ability_jump.vmf" prefab in your map and it's ready to go.

For those who want to make their own for any reasons, the elements that make a jump powerup are as follows:

  • A trigger brush - used for enabling the jump ability (you can use anything else that can fire outputs also).
  • The db powerup ability jump entity - for enabling the powerup via input.

To make our jump powerup now, place a db powerup ability jump entity in your map. (this is a point entity) Now name it my_jump_powerup.

Now create a trigger brush for where we'll trigger the enable jump powerup event. In this trigger add this output:

(or in any other entity that can add outputs)
My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
Io11.png OnStartTouch my_jump_powerup Enable 0 0.00 No

Now the player will equip the jump powerup on trigger.

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