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Creating checkpoints in your map is a simple process. You can use the checkpoint model seen in the the official Dreamball maps by placing the prefabs/gameplay/checkpoint.vmf in your map.

Pre-made checkpoint

Or you can make your own which is a simple setup. The elements that make up the checkpoint are:

Both are trigger brush-based entities, simply create your brush with the tools/toolstrigger texture and tie the entity to it.


The db_trigger_respawn goes underneath your map (or just anywhere you want players to trigger a respawn). Place this brush in the areas where you want them to trigger the respawn. There's nothing you need to do else for this entity, just leave it there and it'll always trigger the respawns.


You place the db_trigger_checkpoint where you want to trigger a new checkpoint. If you don't have one of these triggers the game will just use your starting info_marble_start entity as a spawn point. Make one of these brushes where you want to trigger a checkpoint. Then place an info_teleport_destination where you want the respawn point to be and name it my_respawn_point. Now go inside your db_trigger_checkpoint and in the Respawn Point field type the name of your respawn point. In this case; my_respawn_point. Now when you start your map and roll into the db_trigger_respawn you will spawn at the starting spawn point. Now roll into the db_trigger_checkpoint and you will enable the my_respawn_point spawn so when you now roll into the db_trigger_respawn you will spawn at the my_respawn_point location.

You can place more db_trigger_checkpoint's in a linear fashion for enabling new checkpoints. Just simply make another db_trigger_checkpoint brush with another info_teleport_destination and name it my_respawn_point2. Now roll through this second db_trigger_checkpoint and your new spawn point will be my_respawn_point2.

If you want to use the checkpoint model we used in our maps, place the prefab "prefabs/gameplay/checkpoint.vmf" in your map. This prefab has the db_trigger_checkpoint in it and will be automatically used, just simply place this prefab in your map and your good to go. If you want to use a second checkpoint.vmf prefab, place the prefab again and rename the names to the next number in line so they're unique. So Cpoint1_target should be Cpoint2_target and same for the sounds/particles.

Note.png Note: checkpoint triggers save your abilities (powerups) and your current marble model on touch. i.e. if you touch a checkpoint trigger while using a metal marble, with no powerups, when you next spawn you will spawn with the same as you had at the time you triggered it. In this case, with just the metal marble. So any powerups / model switching done after the checkpoint trigger will be removed on respawn.
Tip.png Tip: db_trigger_checkpoint's can fire outputs in them for things like playing sounds / emitting particles on trigger


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