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This mod for Source is unrecognised status!.



Important help needed!

Dreamball is in desperate need of a single programmer. Desperate need!
Your job needed:
To build a third person camera for the marble, that follows the ball around, and is rotatable too. Very much like Marble games like Switchball, Marble blast ultra. If you can create such a thing, please contact the mod developer to discuss this. Dreamball is in a very polished stage, where people have yet to criticise it. The only thing left to do is this camera, it should be a fairly easy task for a C++ Coder. Please help out on this mod to help the mod grow even larger!


Marble rolling puzzle fun, through various beautifully themed stages completing challenges you encounter.

Dreamball is a fun puzzle mod set in different beautifully themed environments where you will roll your way though various stages completing different puzzles you encounter. Puzzle your way through different obstacles with a unique physic system for the marble to accomplish stages.

Turn the marble into different types of marbles with there own unique attributes to aid you.


  • Full HDR supported (No more oldie looks!)
  • Takes advantage of the Orangebox particle system
  • Accurate physics system interaction with the marble.
  • Easy-to-build levels, (using Hammer of course) no need to learn a whole bunch of stuff, just build your levels quick and easy how you want them to be!
  • Takes advantage of the Orangebox engine using normal, specular maps to give a polished look to the maps.