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This SP mod for Source has been released! Download it now.

Watch the trailer

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Marble rolling puzzle fun!

Dreamball is a fun relaxing physics-driven game made up of puzzle compilations. Roll through the various uniquely themed 'Worlds' completing different puzzles you traverse across using the dynamic environment to beat obstacles encountered, while also shifting into other Marbles and powerups at your dispense.

  • Physically driven puzzles keep gameplay fun and fresh
  • Shifting into other Marbles & Powerups keep the gameplay rotating like a marble!
  • Uniquely themed environments keep each world fresh
  • A beautiful sound track keeps each environment unique
  • Beautiful colours throughout the worlds keep things pretty!


To play Dreamball you need to have Steam installed along with any Source game. After installation, restart your Steam client then Dreamball will appear in the My Games tab of the Steam UI.

Dreamball 2.0 Full (ZIP):


  • Filefront.com (US)
  • ModDB.com (Worldwide)


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