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This mod for Source has been released! Download it now.


Marble rolling puzzle fun through dynamically driven themed stages completing puzzles.

Dreamball is a fun relaxing physics driven puzzle game. Set upon differently themed world's you'll complete different puzzles you traverse across using the dynamic environment to beat obstacles encountered. Dreamball pushes Source's limit introducing a new unique game style never seen before in the engine. Whether you want to roll through some single-player levels on your own or bash it out with your friends in co-op or multi-player, Dreamball has something new to offer.


  • Dynamically driven puzzles fully enhance Source physics into gameplay using objects that keep puzzles fun and inventive
  • Beautiful graphics bring the 3D worlds to life in differently themed enviroments such as the Night, Sky and Ice Worlds
  • Play across different game modes such as Orb Hunt and Tic-Toc Race which keep the gameplay fun and fresh in multiple ways
  • coming soon: Compete or cooperatively play with your friends in different multiplayer modes

To run this mod you need to own one Source game and have it installed. If you are having problems with it, you may have to have the Source SDK Base - Orangebox installed, this tool can be located in the Steam Ui tools tab.

Dreamball steam header1.jpg Db steam capsule.jpg

System Requirements

System Requirements
Title Dreamball
Developer Developer
Release Date September 14th, 2008
Genre Puzzle/Adventure
Mode Singleplayer
Platform PC
System Specs
  • Steam Account
  • CPU: 1.7 Ghz minimum
  • Memory: 1024+ RAM minimum
  • GPU: DirectX 8 minimum, DX9 recommended
  • Hard Drive: 200mb, recommended higher (for future content)