Dota 2 Workshop Tools/Scripting/API/CEntityInstance.FireOutput

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Function Description

void FireOutput(string outputName, handle activator, handle caller, table args, float delay)

Fire an entity output

-- This example assumes that you have set up a trigger called
-- 'my_trigger' as described here:

-- Find our trigger.
local my_trigger = Entities:FindByName(nil, "my_trigger")

-- Grab an entity for use as activator. This is just an example;
-- any entity will do.
local hero = PlayerResource:GetPlayer(0):GetAssignedHero()

-- After a delay of 5 seconds the trigger's OnStartTouch output will
-- be fired with the hero as the activator and the trigger itself as
-- the caller
my_trigger:FireOutput("OnStartTouch", hero, my_trigger, nil, 5)


Type Name Description
string outputName No Description Set
handle activator No Description Set
handle caller No Description Set
table args No Description Set
float delay No Description Set