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Function Description

void LaunchLoot(bool useOnContact, float height, float flDuration, Vector destination)

For items lying on the ground. Fires the item up into the air so that it lands at the specified position.

-- Create a blink dagger at (-256,0,0) and launch it to (256,0,0)
local newItem = CreateItem("item_blink", nil, nil)
local spawnPoint = Vector(-256, 0, 0)
local destination = Vector(256, 0, 0)
local drop = CreateItemOnPositionSync(spawnPoint, newItem)
newItem:LaunchLoot(false, 300, 0.75, destination)


Type Name Description
bool useOnContact If true, the item will be used when a hero touches it
float height How high into the air the item should be launched
float flDuration How fast the object should traverse its trajectory. Small number (close to 0) means fast, big number means slow.
Vector destination Where the item should land