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''' int ApplyDataDrivenModifier(handle ''hCaster'', handle ''hTarget'', string ''pszModifierName'', handle ''hModifierTable'') '''
''' handle ApplyDataDrivenModifier(handle ''hCaster'', handle ''hTarget'', string ''pszModifierName'', handle ''hModifierTable'') '''
''Gets the Attack Capabilities of the unit''
''Gets the Attack Capabilities of the unit''
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== Returns ==
== Returns ==
''int'' - Attack Capability flags
''handle'' - Attack Capability flags

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Function Description

handle ApplyDataDrivenModifier(handle hCaster, handle hTarget, string pszModifierName, handle hModifierTable)

Gets the Attack Capabilities of the unit

--some code here


Type Name Description
handle hCaster No Description Set
handle hTarget true if running asynchronously
string pszModifierName No Description Set
handle hModifierTable No Description Set


handle - Attack Capability flags