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Model Troubleshooting

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Some tips to fix common issues.

Missing Materials

Mesh missing a material
  • Mesh files with missing materials are displayed with a mesh that will glow red.material.
  • There can be a few causes for this:
    • The material the mesh is mapped to does not exist in which case a VMAT needs to be created
    • The file mapping is off, for an explanation of how material assignments are mapped to material location look in the FBX page
  • To fix the issue in model editor make a Material Remap Node
  1. Go to Model > Add Material Remap
  2. In the Outliner select the "Material Remap 0" item (it will be under the "Material Remap List" item)
  3. In the Property Editor select the material to be remapped from the "Search Material" drop down list
  4. Browse to the replacement material by clicking the magnifying glass icon next to "Replace Material"
  5. Save the session
Note.png Note: Material remapping is name based. If "temp_material" is remapped, and the mesh is re-exported with a different material assigned,the mapping will have to be removed or set up again.

Collision Hull Is Wrong

Collision hulls are not usually required for most world models in Dota 2.

  • By default the tools convexifies the collision geometry. If you have geometry the looks like this:
Note.png Note: In this example I am using the same mesh for the render and physics geometry.
  • By default your collision geo will look like this:
  • To fix this, and make it match the geometry, select the physics mesh item (found under "Physics Mesh Items" in the Outliner)
  • In the Property Editor, uncheck "One Convex Piece" and select "Use Exact Geometry" and Save the session
Tip.png Tip: Using exact geometry can be expensive, make sure your collision mesh is well optimized when using this option.