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IRC is the primary hub for talking about modding dota. If you are already familiar with IRC, you can join us on


IRC Rules

  1. English Only.
  2. Be concise with your questions. Know what you are asking and it will probably get answered
  3. Don't spam
  4. Use an external service for posting your code, like pastebin or hastebin. Do not post code to the channel.
  5. Be helpful! If you know the answer to someone's question, answer it.


There are a few bots in the irc channel. They can be used to assist you.

  • lebot by RoyAwesome. Indexes the lua API and maintains the wiki
  • Renol by SinZ. Sends memos (offline messages), stored keywords, and api searching
  • idler2 by VoiDeD. Reports the status of the Dota 2 servers and when Dota 2 is updated.