Dota 2 Navigation Meshes

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Building the NavMesh

Required Tool: GNVTool 1.0 by Penguinwizzard

This tool converts netpbm formats to valve's GNV format. It also converts GNV to pbm files.

netpbms are 1 bit bimap files. Dota 2 uses white for walkable, and black for not walkable

Usage: 'GNVtool.exe tognv source.pbm target.gnv offsetx offsety'

offsetx and offsety are offets by 64 units (offsetx|y * 64). Your pbm dimensions must be divisible by 8 or the grid gets sheared.

list of software that support pbm files or converts to pbm format

You can view your navmesh in game by doing 'dota_gridnav_show 1'