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#REDIRECT [[Dota_2_Workshop_Tools/Level_Design]]
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{{dota2}} This article focuses on [[Dota 2]] level design (beta!). For general mapping tutorials, see [[:Category:Level Design]].
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== Getting Started ==
* '''[[Configuring Hammer For Dota 2]]'''
=== Configuring Hammer ===
To properly build a Dota 2 map, you need the following tools:
[http://puu.sh/66u6t/c157083338.zip VBSP from Source2013]
[http://d.pr/f/btSh UpVersion.exe by Penguinwizzard]
[https://github.com/RoyAwesome/dota2fgd Work in progress FGD]
Download both of these and extract them into the bin folder from above. 
Open Hammer, and select Tools -> Options... 
Select the 'Build Programs' tab.  Make sure your configuration is Dota 2.  For the 'BSP Executable', select the version of vbsp that you downloaded.  You can blank the fields 'Game Executable', 'VIS executable', and 'RAD executable'.  Select a good place to place compiled maps.
Create a new map.  Select 'Run Map'.  Hit 'Expert'.  Create a new config 'Dota 2'.  For the first command, we want to run BSP, so hit New, then 'cmds' and select 'BSP Program' and copy the BSP parameter line from default.  Second command we want to run is 'UpVersion', so hit new 'New' then 'Cmds'.  Select 'Executable' and find 'UpVersion.exe' in the directory you put it.  Add '$path\$file.bsp' to the parameters.  Finally, we want to copy the final .bsp file to the dota 2 maps directory, so hit New, then in Cmds select 'Copy File'.  The params are '$path\$file.bsp "path\to\dota2\maps"'
== Mapping ==
* ''[[:Category:Level Design]]''
* '''[[Your_First_Dota_2_Map|Your first Dota 2 map]]'''
* [[Dota 2 Mapper's Reference|Mapper's reference]]
* [[Dota 2 Mapping basics]]
* [[List_of_Dota_2_entities|Dota 2 Entity List]]
* [[List_of_Dota_2_particles|Dota 2 Particle Effects]]
* [[Dota 2 Objectives]]
* [[Dota Overview Map]]
* [[Dota Mapping Compile Settings]]
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== Reference ==
* [[SDK Bugs]]
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== Programming ==
* ''[[:Category:Programming]]''
=== New source access ===
* [[GameUI|GameUI]]
* [[Dota_2_Navigation Meshes|Dota 2 Navigation meshes]]
=== Other ===
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[[Category:Level Design]]
[[Category:Valve Games]]

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