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<Dota 2> Dota 2 is the official follow-up to the Warcraft III custom map Defense of the Ancients. It is an "Action RTS" where players control a Hero unit and engage enemy players using their Heroes' unique abilities. Valve is collaborating with one of the primary contributors of the original DotA series.


Cloth simulation
Real-time cloth simulation (i.e. soft-body physics) will be introduced to Source.
Global lighting
The world is lit and shadowed dynamically with env_global_light (in addition to pre-compiled light).
Steamworks integration
Building upon community-driven features from Team Fortress 2, players will be able to share strategy guides and coach newer players through Steamworks.
MultiBlend Textures
4-way texture blending, upgrading/replacing WorldVertexTransition
Screen-space Anti-aliasing
Anti-aliasing for use with deferred shading
Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
Ssao post-process shader
Published demo file format
Dota 2 Demo Format contains a link and instructions for parsing the Dota 2 demo files
Custom Addon Support
See the Dota 2 Addon Portal for more details.


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