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Dota 2 Compendiums are in-game items associated with leagues. They're described by a script file that third parties upload to the Dota 2 backend via the Edit League page on This page will describe that script file, and the process we recommend to develop your compendium.

Building and Testing

First, ensure your league is allowed to have a compendium. You can contact the Valve league admin team via your League pages. Once compendiums have been enabled for your league, you should download the example compendium script file from your league's Edit page.

Compendiums should be built and tested on your local machine before they're uploaded to the Dota 2 backend. You can test your compendium using the test_compendium command. For example:

test_compendium "c:/compendium/example_compendium.txt"

Once your compendium is open, you can make changes to your script file and instantly reload the compendium with the test_compendium_refresh' command. We recommend doing all your script file editing live in this way, so you're testing quickly as you go.

Place any images for your compendium in the same directory as your script file, and they'll be found automatically while testing. Note that any selections in your compendium won't be actually saved, and some other data will be faked for testing purposes (progress bars will constantly move, the prize pool will roll forward, etc)

Once you're getting ready to publish, submit your compendium & images through the league admin page, but don't set it public yet. Non public compendiums will be visible to all the admins for your league. Start your Dota 2 client and look through the compendium to make sure you're happy with it. Once you are, submit it again and mark it as public, and then all users who've purchased a ticket for your league will have access to it.

The Script file

The compendium script file is a KeyValues text file that's easily edited in any text editor. It contains a series of blocks that each have a set of parameters, some required and some optional. The test_compendium command will report any errors it finds in your compendium when you try to open it.