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This mod for Source is no longer being developed. Download its last release here.


<Half-Life 2> Dodgeball is a multiplayer full conversion mod where players take sides and use dodgeballs to defeat the opposing team. Dodgeball is played from a first person view to give the most authentic experience possible. Everything you would do in a normal game of dodgeball is possible in the mod. Winding up, catching, blocking and passing can all be done with ease. However each move requires skill to pull off and takes practice to do them consistently.


Dodgeball features multiple styles of gameplay which range from realistic competition modes to power up laden arcade modes.

In competition mode, tagged players are jailed and only released if an untagged player manages to catch a dodgeball.

Arcade mode throws imaginary powerups into the field. Currently four powered up balls are available: a bomb ball which does area damage on impact, a slimeball which explodes on collision slowing down any target caught in its blast radius, a fireball which ignites any players caught in its area, and an experience ball which gives its holder experience points after releasing it.

Players have access to a powerup menu which allows them to purchase upgrades to attributes such as movement speed. Special ball powerups inlude cluster balls, rapid fire, and the so called "Bomb Time" which spawns many explosive balls on the opposing teams court. The spawned balls detonate after a very short while.


An important part of the modification, Dodgeball is set in a large variety of locations which range from practical to exotic. Dodgeball allows players to compete in a schoolgym, skeeball machine, hockey arena, on top of a skyscraper, on a plateau in a raging river and more.

East LA
School Gym

Alpha 7

Released 2006/3/20

UrbanLegend Games would like to announce that Dodgeball:Source Alpha 7 GDC Edition has been released. Alpha 7 is our biggest and most polished release yet. We are getting close to "feature complete" with this build and have included many of the items that have been requested by the community! We have made enhancements to gameplay, visuals, maps, performance, and more.

Dodgeball:Source Alpha 7 can be found in our downloads section. We have also submitted the file to many other locations and will have new mirrors up shortly. Servers will be popping up throughout the night and into tomorrow.

Here is a list of items that have been updated in this release.

Gameplay: The bombballs are now "hot potato" style ticking timebombs. This means that after a certain amount of time they will explode. Throw them to the other side to avoid getting blown up. Rapid fire now allows the player to throw unlimited balls (for the alloted time) without having to pick up dodgeballs. "Bomb Time" has been added to the buy menu for 100 EXP and will create a slew of Bombballs on the opposite teams court. This forces them to throw them away as soon as possible but usually ends up killing a large number of their teammates. The new EXPBall now spawns randomly throughout matches. This special ball gives its recipient a boost in EXP points.

Maps: Some of our most original and polished maps have been released with Alpha 7. The new db_utopia is released, db_combine, db_ritual, db_icerink also are now official maps included with Alpha 7.

Menu/Intro Video: A new intro video and main menu screen have been added.

Stability/ Performance: All collision models have been made lower poly to allow for more dodgeballs, bombballs, fireballs, and slimeballs to be on-screen at once without performance hitches. This has created a significant improvement in performance. All bugs that have been reported have been fixed.

Wish us luck as we travel to the IGF competition! We will have news and results in the coming week. We hope to see you in the servers.

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