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The Discouragement Field or Death Field is a special energy field in Portal 2 which blocks only the player, not other objects. It can be considered as the counterpart to the Emancipation Grid. Collision with the field has a similar effect to the discouragement beam; when touched the player takes damage and bounces away, but prolonged contact kills the player.


Death Field example.

The following hyperlinks appear to be broken, as of 11/16/11
* death_field_128x128.vmf
* death_field_256x256.vmf

If you fix them, or find that they are working again, please remove this message.

  • Download these two instance files: death_field_128x128.vmf and death_field_256x256.vmf and put them into your instance folder under instances\gameplay. (If only text comes up and you can't download it, press ctrl+A, copy it, paste it in Notepad, and save as death_field_128x128.vmf under All Files (for the 128x128 one)).
  • Create a new func_instance in your map, select VMF Filename and click Browse... on the right and select one of the two death field instances.
  • The Discouragement Field is now ready and active on default. If you want to activate or deactivate the field, follow these steps:
    • Give the func_instance a name (Fix Up Name), for example death_field_1.
    • Create a trigger or button somewhere and give it these outputs:
My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
Io11.png OnTrigger death_field_1 instance:enable;Trigger <none> 0.00 No

(for activation)

My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
Io11.png OnTrigger death_field_1 instance:disable;Trigger <none> 0.00 No

(for deactivation)

Manual Creation

To do: Doing this

The material for the field itself is effects/laserplane. The sides are the fizzler (dynamic or static) model, skin 2.

Unfortunately, the laserplane material looks strange when activated or deactivated.