Dimensions in L4D2

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<Left 4 Dead><Left 4 Dead 2> The following numbers are the known dimensions for Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. Any missing dimensions can be found here.


Player Specific

 Player Height Standing  = 72 units
 Player Height Crouching = 56 units
 Player Width:           = 33 units
 Player Jump Height      = 56 units
 Eye Height Standing     = 62 units
 Eye Height Crouching    = 44 units

Note.png Note: Left 4 Dead 2 makes no difference between default jump and the "crouch jump" which usually gives you a higher jump height, Valve decided to make the default jump height the crouch jump height.


 Max Obstacle Height     = 18 units
 CI Max Jump Height      = 180 units (Only works for CI when a navmesh connects two areas. SI require Infected-only Ladders.)
 Small Door              = 48x104 units
 Big Door                = 56x104 units
 Normal Corridor Height  = 128 units
 Normal Corridor Width   = 64 units

Left 4 Dead 2 contains the Half-Life 2 dev_measure textures, some of which are not correct for Left 4 Dead 2. You can get Left 4 Dead 2 specific measurements from this workshop submission.