Dimensions in L4D2

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The following numbers are dimension differences compared to Half-Life 2. Any missing dimensions are currently assumed to be the same.
To do: Collect any info online, test, make massive corrections from the starting data coming from original Dimensions article. It may be less confusing to readers if all the information for Dimensions in L4D2 are available instead of making them switch between two articles to compare. Will be starting with differences for now.


Player Specific

 Player height standing  = 72 units
 Player Height crouching = 56 units
 Player width:           = 33 units
 Player Jump height      = 56 units
 Eye height              = 72 units
Note:Left 4 Dead 2 makes no difference between default jump and the "crouch jump" which usually gives you a highter jump height. Valve decided to make the default jump height the crough jump height


 Max obstacle height     = 18 units
 CI max jump height      = 180 units (Only works for CI when a navmesh connects two areas. SI require a Infected-only Ladders)
 Small Door              = 48x104 units
 Big door                = 56x104 units

Left 4 dead 2 contains the Half-Life 2 dev_measure textures, some of which are not correct for Left 4 Dead 2. You can get Left 4 Dead 2 specific measurements from this workshop submission