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This mod for source is currently in alpha development.

A new mod concept from MLSTRM


It has been 300 years since the event and the church of four suns is looking for people to help their space peace program. You have joined and are about to make some choices that could change what happens altogether...

Note: the story is a WIP


The Altius:People who still beleive that there is life in space outside of the sphere.

The Terrani:People who believe that everyone should stay on their planets and be happy with it.

The Church of Four Suns:People who stop the two tribes fighting.

Progress Measure

version number is; Release.Stage.Build

Stages are; 1=code-functionality, 2=code-weapons, 3=code-effects, 4=code-bugs 5=maps-layout 6=maps-story, 7=materials, 8=models, 9=AI.

Current Version v0.0.1