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Detail Shapes

Detail Shapes are a new way for the engine to place auto-emitted detail props on a surface, as specified by the detail.vbsp file. Introduced in the Day of Defeat: Source release, Detail Shapes allow normal sprites to be placed in a variety of shapes.

In addition, sprites can now have a "swaying" motion, where the sprite leans forward and back.

Finally, these sprites are capable of being "displaced". That is, they will move away from players upon contact and then bounce back to their original orientation. Note that sprites will continue to "sway" even when pushed out of their original position.


Currently, detail shapes only appear functional for Day of Defeat: Source. Other Source-based games lack the cl_detail_ console commands which appear necessary for the correct functioning of detail shapes. However, though Day of Defeat: Source has the necessary code for interpreting detail shapes, the current version of the SDK does not appear capable of correctly compiling detail shapes. It is likely that this will change in a future update to the SDK, which may also allow mod authors to use detail shapes in their mods.

Types of Detail Shapes

Detail Shape Comment
cross "cross" This makes a criss-cross shape.

Places two sprites crossing over one-another in the middle.

triangle "tri" This makes a detail in the exploded prism shape .

Places three sprites sitting equidistant from each other in a triangle formation.

Refining Detail Shapes

There are several propeties for the detail.vbsp file which refine the shape of the detail sprites, as well as enhacing their aesthetic quality (such as the sway).

Propety Comment
"sway" Percentage of cl_detail_max_sway ( default 5 ).

Value: 0.0 => 1.0

"shape_angle" Specific to "tri" shape. Degrees to angle out each of the leaves.

Value: 0 => 90 (Untested)

"shape_size" Specific to "tri" shape. Percentage of sprite width to separate each leaf. near 0 for a triangle shape, near 1 for a closer, criss-cross shape.

Value: 0, 1 (Untested)

Related Console Commands

There are several client console commands you may use to alter the behaviour of detail sprites.

Command Comment
"cl_detail_avoid_force" Force with which to avoid players.
"cl_detail_avoid_radius" Radius around sprite to avoid players.
"cl_detail_avoid_recover_speed" How fast to recover position after avoiding players.
"cl_detail_max_sway" Amplitude of the detail prop sway.