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(source forts evidently requires hl2mp and episode1)
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| mmdarkmessiah || darkmessiah || [[Dark Messiah]] || || No || Source
| mmdarkmessiah || darkmessiah || [[Dark Messiah]] || || No || Source
| garrysmod || garrysmod || [[Garry's Mod]] || || No || Source
| garrysmod || garrysmod || [[Garry's Mod]] || || No || Garry's fork of Source
| redorchestra || redorchestra || [[Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45]] || || No || Unreal
| redorchestra || redorchestra || [[Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45]] || || No || Unreal

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This is a sortable table of a few categories of Valve-related dedicated server info (all games provided by the update tool, along with their mods), mostly for server administrators. The update name is used with the update tool's -game command line option. The launch name is used with the Source and Goldsource dedicated server's -game command line option, and the \gamedir\ master server query protocol filter. The path is the directory path (relative to the update tool -dir) and name of the main server executable. If the game is a mod and requires files from sources other than the update tool, it is external.

Launch Update Title Path External Engine
cstrike Counter-Strike Source Counter-Strike: Source No Source
cstrike cssbeta Counter-Strike: Source Beta No Source
dod dods Day of Defeat: Source No Source
hl1mp Half-Life Deathmatch: Source No Source
hl2mp hl2mp Half-Life 2: Deathmatch No Source
tf tf Team Fortress 2 No Source
tf tf_beta Team Fortress 2 Beta No Source
left4dead left4dead Left 4 Dead No Source
left4dead l4d_full Left 4 Dead No Source
left4dead2 left4dead2 Left 4 Dead 2 No Source
left4dead2_demo Left 4 Dead 2 Demo No Source
cstrike cstrike Counter-Strike No Goldsource
cstrike_beta Counter-Strike Beta No Goldsource
czero czero Counter-Strike: Condition Zero No Goldsource
dmc dmc Deathmatch Classic No Goldsource
dod dod Day of Defeat No Goldsource
gearbox gearbox Half-Life: Opposing Force No Goldsource
ricochet ricochet Ricochet No Goldsource
tfc tfc Team Fortress Classic No Goldsource
valve valve Half-Life No Goldsource
mmdarkmessiah darkmessiah Dark Messiah No Source
garrysmod garrysmod Garry's Mod No Garry's fork of Source
redorchestra redorchestra Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 No Unreal
redorchestra redorchestra_beta Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Beta No Unreal
darkesthour Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 No Unreal
marenostrum Mare Nostrum No Unreal
ship ship The Ship No Source
sin SiN 1 No Quake
tshb ThreadSpace: Hyperbol No
svencoop valve Sven Co-op Yes Goldsource
firearms valve Firearms Yes Goldsource
ns valve Natural Selection Yes Goldsource
action valve Action Half-Life Yes Goldsource
brainbread valve Brain Bread Yes Goldsource
esf valve Earth's Special Forces Yes Goldsource
hostileintent valve Hostile Intent Yes Goldsource
ios valve International Online Soccer Yes Goldsource
ts valve The Specialists Yes Goldsource
hl2ctf Half-Life 2: Capture The Flag Yes Source
sourceforts episode1 , hl2mp Source Forts Yes Source
insurgency insurgency Insurgency No Source
gesource orangebox GoldenEye: Source Yes Source
ff Fortress Forever Yes Source
hl2coop Half-Life 2: Coop Yes Source
ageofchivalry Age of Chivalry No Source
alienswarm Alien Swarm No Source
diprip D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up No Source
killingfloor Killing Floor No Unreal
killingfloor_beta Killing Floor Beta No Unreal
defencealliance2 Defence Alliance 2 No Unreal
mondaynightcombat Monday Night Combat No Unreal
dystopia Dystopia No Source
esmod Eternal Silence No Source
pvkii Pirates Vikings & Knights II No Source
smashball Smashball No Source
synergy Synergy No Source
zps Zombie Panic! Source No Source
seriossamhdse Serious Sam HD No
alienvspredator Aliens vs. Predator No
naturalselection2 Natural Selection 2 No