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<Half-Life 2> Day of Defeat: Source offers an intense brand of online gameplay set in the WWII European Theatre of Operations. Players assume the role of light/assault/heavy infantry, sniper or machine-gunner class, and missions are based on historical operations. Day of Defeat: Source features enhanced graphics (including HDR lighting) and sounds design to leverage the power of Source, Valve's new engine technology.


Map types

There are two main gameplay modes that Valve has given DoD:S players to work with - Area Capture and Detonation. There are however other gameplay types that work off these in a different manner to give a different gameplay type. As an example of this, some creative members of the mapping community have come up with Document Capture maps.

Area Capture

Area Capture maps are the most common in Day of Defeat Source, because they have been around since the very earliest versions of Day of Defeat. Maps using this gameplay generally have 5 flags, but they can any number of flags. Both teams objectives are to capture and hold all the flags at once to win. To capture a flag, there must be a specific number of players in the capture zone for a specific period of time, without and enemy interference. The number of players and time required is different from flag to flag. If an enemy does come into the capture zone, then the player is rewarded with a defense point. If that player then dies or leaves the area, the capture must restart completely.


Detonation maps were introduced to DoD:S after the June 28th Update. In a detonation style map, players from the attacking team must get bombs, or satchel charges, from the bomb crates. Once they have the TNT, they can proceed to a bomb target. The player must hold his use key (generally "e" as default), until the bomb is planted. If a player is killed while planting a bomb then the player who killed him is rewarded a defense point. Once the bomb is planted, the team who planted the bomb must defend it until it explodes. If a player from the defending team defuses the bomb, they are rewarded a defense point for defusing, and if the player is killed, then the player who killed him is rewarded a defense point for blocking the defuse. Detonation maps can either have both teams on the offense with no time limit, or one team attacking and the other defending with a time limit. If there is a time limit, when it runs out the defending team wins.


The idea behind the Tank maps was first put into play by User:inKit by his release of dod_flash_tank. The objective of these maps is for the team with the tank, to move it to the other side of the map. The tank moves while a player from that team is next to the tank, and stops when there isn't anyone from that team by the tank. In the Tank's path, there are obstacles which need to be destroyed using satchel charges before the tank can move past them (barricades, sandbags, etc.). The last barrier is destroyed by the tank, which then proceeds to winning the round for the attacking team. The defending team must stop the attacking team from destroying the barricades, and can stop the attackers from moving the tank by simply standing next to it.

Official maps

Area Capture

  • dod_anzio
  • dod_argentan
  • dod_avalanche
  • dod_donner
  • dod_flash
  • dod_kalt
  • dod_palermo


  • dod_colmar (no time limit)
  • dod_jagd (time limit)

Classes and weapons

Class US Army Wehrmacht
Rifleman M1 Garand
x2 rifle grenades
M1918 trench knife
Mauser Karabiner 98 Kurz
x2 rifle grenades
Entrenchment spade
Assault Infantry M1A1 Thompson (with melee)
Colt M1911A1
MkIIA1 fragmentation grenade
M18 smoke grenade
Maschinenpistole 40 (with melee)
Walther P38
Stielhandgranate 24
Stielhandgranate 24 Smoke
Support Infantry M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle
x2 MkIIA1 fragmentation grenades
M1918 trench knife
Sturmgewehr 44
x2 Stielhandgranates 24
Entrenchment spade
Sniper Springfield M1903A4
Colt M1911A1
M1918 trench knife
Mauser Karabiner 98 Kurz (scoped)
Walther P38
Entrenchment spade
Browning M1919A6
Colt M1911A1
M1918 trench knife
Maschinengewehr 42
Walther P38
Entrenchment spade
Rocket Infantry M9A1 Bazooka
weapon m1carb
M1918 trench knife
Panzerschreck RPzB 54
Mauser M1932 C-96 (fully automatic)
Entrenchment spade



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