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Screenshot of Day of Defeat: Source

<Day of Defeat: Source> Day of Defeat: Source (2005) is a first-person shooter / online multiplayer game set in WWII. The game is, like Counter-Strike: Source a port of Day of Defeat to the Source engine. Unlike its predecessor, the player can only choose the American Soldiers for the Allies.

There are two main game modes in Day of Defeat: Source: territorial control and detonation.

In territorial control game mode maps, players must fight for control of all strategic points on the map. Points are captured by a certain number of team members surrounding the point, with it either capturing instantly or after a couple of seconds. Players on the other side can disrupt a capture by placing themselves within the capture area during the process or by killing the enemy players at the point. The first side to capture all the points wins the round.

The objective in a detonation game mode level is to plant and detonate explosive devices on a number of enemy positions. Players can protect their positions by defusing the explosives before they detonate. Both teams must attack the other's objectives while defending their own. The first team to destroy all of the enemy's equipment wins.

Players assume the role of light/assault/heavy infantry, sniper or machine-gunner class, and missions are based on historical operations. Day of Defeat: Source currently runs on the Orange Box Source 2009 engine.

Tip.png Tip: For mapping in Day of Defeat: Source, see Category:Day of Defeat: Source.

Official maps

Official maps:

Day of Defeat: Source has the following official maps included:

Area Capture:

  • dod_anzio

Official Map since release

  • dod_argentan

Official Map since November 30 2005

  • dod_avalanche

Official Map since release

  • dod_donner

Official Map since release

  • dod_flash

Official Map since release

  • dod_kalt

Official Map since January 25 2005

  • dod_palermo

Official Map since July 3 2008


  • dod_colmar (no time limit)

Official Map since June 28 2006

  • dod_jagd (time limit)

Official Map since June 28 2006

Classes and weapons

Class US Army Wehrmacht
Rifleman M1 Garand
x2 rifle grenades
M1918 trench knife
Mauser Karabiner 98 Kurz
x2 rifle grenades
Entrenchment spade
Assault Infantry M1A1 Thompson (with melee)
Colt M1911A1
MkIIA1 fragmentation grenade
M18 smoke grenade
Maschinenpistole 40 (with melee)
Walther P38
Stielhandgranate 24
Stielhandgranate 24 Smoke
Support Infantry M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle
x2 MkIIA1 fragmentation grenades
M1918 trench knife
Sturmgewehr 44
x2 Stielhandgranates 24
Entrenchment spade
Sniper Springfield M1903A4
Colt M1911A1
M1918 trench knife
Mauser Karabiner 98 Kurz (scoped)
Walther P38
Entrenchment spade
Browning M1919A6
Colt M1911A1
M1918 trench knife
Maschinengewehr 42
Walther P38
Entrenchment spade
Rocket Infantry M9A1 Bazooka
weapon m1carb
M1918 trench knife
Panzerschreck RPzB 54
Mauser M1932 C-96 (fully automatic)

Entrenchment spade


  • Day of Defeat: Source (dod)
  • Source 2013 shared (hl2)
  • Source shared (hl2)
  • <Source><Source> Source 2013 MP engine branch


External links

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