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* {{i targetname}}
* {{i targetname}}
* {{i parentname}}
* {{I Parentname}}
*'''SetSequence <string>'''
*'''SetSequence <string>'''
:Sets the cycler's sequence.
:Sets the cycler's sequence.

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Template:WrongtitleThis is a point entity available in all Source games.

Entity Description

An entity used to display a model for testing purposes. Shooting it will cycle through the model's animations.


  • skin
<integer> Some models have multiple versions of their textures, called skins. Set this to a number other than 0 to use that skin instead of the default.
  • sequence
<integer> Default animation sequence for the model to be playing after spawning.


  • 1 : Not Solid



SetParent <string>
Move with this entity. See Entity Hierarchy (parenting).
SetParentAttachment <string>
Change this entity to attach to a specific attachment point on its parent. The entity will teleport so that the position of its root bone matches that of the attachment. Entities must be parented before being sent this input.
SetParentAttachmentMaintainOffset <string>
As above, but without teleporting. The entity retains its position relative to the attachment at the time of the input being received.
Removes this entity from the the movement hierarchy, leaving it free to move independently.
  • SetSequence <string>
Sets the cycler's sequence.
  • Alpha <integer>
Sets the cycler's alpha value.