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Modding tutorial DVD series announced

18 Aug: Noesis Interactive launches Mod Your World DVD series for Half-Life 2.

First 2 of the DVD series "3D Content Creation with SOFTIMAGE|XSI" and "Character Design & Integration with Half-Life 2" will be available in early September 2006.

"Map Design & Integration with Half-Life 2" and "Advanced Character Design" will be available in Q4 2006.

SDK Update

11 Aug: A minor SDK Update was released today. The changelist can be viewed at the SteamPowered News page here -

FGD Upgrade

8 Aug: Upgraded versions of both base.fgd and halflife2.fgd have been released by ts2do. They include fixes to many datatypes, exempt keyvalues; spawnflags; and I/O connections, and overall entity corrections. Get it here.

New SourceForts trailer

5 Aug: The SourceForts guys have release a new trailer. The twist: it's on Steam!

SDK update released!

4 Aug: Restart Steam and start doing something! Don't forget to Diff And Patch the new codebase to your mod's code.

SDK update skipping beta

3 Aug: SDK chief Mike Durand says:

We are still testing the SDK so that we can hopefully catch any problems that might cause you guys grief. The plan is to release this week and that's still looking good.

The reason that we are being so careful is that we learned it is not practical to do a beta of the new SDK while leaving the old SDK available. So this new release will not be a beta - it will replace the current version.

Thanks for your patience.

SDK Update Delayed

28 Jul: Mike Durand tells the HLCoders list:

We are having an issue with getting the new SDK to work as a beta alongside the shipping SDK. Since we don't want to cause any problems for MOD makers we are going to delay the release until next week in order to work out this issue.

Sin Episodes SDK released

27 Jul: This seems to be the week of SDK updates. The first SDK release for Sin Episodes is now available from the Tools page in Steam. Currently, it supports the applications available in the generic Source SDK (Hammer/Model Viewer/Face Poser), but game code is not yet accessible. This will be added in the next SDK update, per the release notes.

Ritual has also put together their own editing wiki for Sin Episodes-specific content.

SDK update contents confirmed

27 Jul: The contents of the new SDK update, due out in beta this week unless something goes horribly wrong, have been confirmed by Mike Durand on the hlcoders mailing list.

What This Release Has
Lots of source code updates from the Episode 1 production code
Hammer, Faceposer, Model Viewer updates
Access to the Ep1 version of the Source Engine binaries
What It Doesn't Have
Visual Studio 2005 [including Visual C++ Express] Support (it will be in the next SDK release)
Improved server plugins for bots (on my to-do list)
Anything from Episode 2, Portal, Team Fortress [2]

SDK update this week!

26 Jul: It's currently one year, seven weeks, and six days since the last SDK code update. But fret not:

An SDK update is coming out very soon. Right now we are testing it in-house and getting ready for its beta release. It will be available later this week unless we encounter serious problems during testing. I'll let people know either way, whether it is going to be this week or next. Once I get all of the details together, I'll send the info on what is coming in this SDK release to this list.

I [Mike Durand] started work here in June and have been given the task of working directly with the MOD community. This means that my primary responsibilities are to package and release the SDK, make it easier to use, and work with MOD makers on problems that they can't solve with the help of other members of the community.

Join the hlcoders mailing list for the latest news.

Team Fortress 2 Trailer Released

19 July: Valve has recently released a trailer of the highly-anticipated Team Fortress 2. It is available on gamespot.

Nigredo After some Australian Developers

16 Jul: Nigredo Studios is after some Australian Source SDK users to help build the prototype game to their first upcoming commercial Source title, Prime. All work is paid and will be done from their Norwest Office in Baulkham Hills Sydney. For more information on the game and employment, see

Work will be a minimum of 2 months on the prototype, and then up to 18 months of full time development, once a publisher is obtained.

Valve make multiple announcements at EA conference

14 Jul: Source

  • Team Fortress 2 is back, and will ship as the multi-player component of Episode Two.
  • A new single-player game, Portal, will also ship with Ep2.
  • Ep2 will launch simultaneously on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.
  • A former WETA employee is building a "cinematic physics" system for Source
    • Source is also receiving "new particle systems, better foliage, and more".