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The Ship for Preload

26 Jun: The Ship (Source), eagerly awaited by many, has been made available for purchase and pre-load on Steam. See the store page for more information.

SiN: Episodes Arena Mode

26 Jun: SiN Episodes Patch Released - Arena Mode Out Now!

Wikipedia updates

26 Jun: The Wikipedia article for the Source engine has recently undergone some large improvements. You may be interested in reading about some of the new technologies in development at Valve. As ever, feel free to make your own additions or corrections if you spot any errors!

Episode One

1 Jun: Half-Life 2: Episode One has been released

NightFall Returns

16 May: NightFall, one of the most anticipated Half Life 2 Mods, according to a recent poll on Interlopers has returned from its almost dead status. The mod has moved to a micro site of the Nigredo Studios commercial site at

The mod has also announced Episode 1 that will be released very soon.

Ep1 update1 trainstation1.jpg

Atari back catalogue arriving on Steam

14 May: Most or all of Atari's PC back catalogue is to be made available through Steam as a part of their new GamersFirst budget range.