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Combine Destiny Released!

4 Dec 2005: The Half-life 2 Singleplayer mod Combine Destiny is released! Grab the mod at thier site

ModDB v3

4 Dec 2005: Mod Database has launched version 3.0, with a sleek new design, tabbed environment, Mod of the Year award and many other improvements!

Scaling the Cabal: Valve's Design Process for Creating Half-Life 2

4 Dec 2005: Last month Valve wrote a piece for Game Developer Magazine, Scaling the Cabal [1]. The article covers their unusual system of several tight-knit 'cabal' groups each concentrating on their chunk of the game, rather than the standard system of each developer working on a wide area over the course of development. It also describes the ways in which they overcome the problems cabals present, and how the system changed from Half-Life 1 to 2. A fascinating read, espcially having used the Source mod tools.

GDM November 2005

Robin Walker's presentation "Making Mods with Source" available for download

4 Dec 2005: Robin Walker spoke about Mod Development at a seminar hosted by IGDA Kansai (IGDA chapter for Kyoto and Osaka, held in LED ZONE Kyoto (Counter-Strike NEO Arcade center). Press coverage will be available soon. You can download his slides here ( It's a must-read along with Making a MOD.

Warren Spector is also coming to Steam!

Oh my.

Junction Point Studios!

Source Beta SDK

21 Nov 2005: It seems the Beta SDK is upon us! Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!

steam.exe -beta sdk
Note: The parameter is case sensitive.

Red Orchestra is also coming to Steam!

21 Nov 2005: Following hot on the heels of Darwinia, this month's PC Gamer UK carries the news [2] that the celebrated WWII UT2004 mod Red Orchestra, which won the 'Make Something Unreal' competition and with it an engine license, will be released standalone over Steam this January.

More information

3DBuzz Half-Life 2 Level Design Video Tutorials Released

17 Nov 2005: 3DBuzz has released Half-Life 2 Level Design video tutorials that teach Hammer Editor basics. You need to register(free) first, then click Video Training button at the top of the page. 18 Nov 2005: More video tutorials have been added, now the series is over 3 hours total.

Darwinia is coming to Steam!

15 Nov 2005: In last week’s Update News Valve spoke of a new game that would be arriving on Steam 'before the end of the year'. It seem Introversion have let the cat out of the bag early: Darwinia will be available on Steam on December the 14th!

Press release More information

Garry's Mod v9.0.4 Released

27 Nov 2005: The long awaited Garry's Mod version 9 by Garry has finally been released. This mod features integrated LUA scripting, so any server or map can contain new and exciting gamemodes. Garry recommends downloading it from the Coral Network cache here ( a mirror ) or through Bittorrent here.

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast Now Available

27 Oct 2005: Valve's long-awaited release of The Lost Coast is now available to all owners of Half-Life 2. There are high system spec recommendations of a 2.2Ghz processor, 1GB of RAM, and a DX9 compatible video card, but everyone should be able to play.

Mike Dunkle Presents at the Asian Game Developer Summit

26 Oct 2005: Back on the 11th of Oct Valve's Director of Cafe Operations, Mike Dunkle, presented a session at the AGDS event in Kuala Lumpur, focusing on Valve's Steam distribution system. You can read an overview of his session in this article over on and grab a copy of his slides. Robert "Fuzzy" Crouch also presented a session about Team Dystopia's experiences working with Valve's SDK, a wrap up of this session is also available from

Chinese translation of Source SDK Documentation underway

23 Oct 2005: Chinese developers started to translate SDK Documentation into Chinese with it's largest HL & HL2 Community


DATED18 Oct 2005: Robin Walker will speak at DIEC2005 (Digital Interactive Entertainment Conference) in Kyoto. Other speakers include Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo), Hideo Kojima (Konami, MGS series), Toru Iwatani (Namco, Pac-man), and Nolan Bushnell (Atari founder).

Gamasutra English Article :Japanese Conference Gets Miyamoto, Kojima, Iwatani

Japanese seminars

18 Oct 2005: Softimage Japan (and its ex-intern) hosted two seminars that introduce the concept of "MOD", XSI|Mod Tool, and HL2 modding to Japanese audiences — educators, game press, professional developers, hardcore&future modders. Pictures here ( article).

Half-Life 2 XBox to PC

15 Oct 2005: Valve have revealed their intention to port even more of their Half-Life 2 XBox code to the PC version of the Source engine. In an e-mail posted on, Robin Walker talks about introducing the XBox codebase's streaming techniques, which work for 'everything except entity and brush data' and potentially allow for the reduction and even removal of loading times, similar to UE3's map streaming technology. There is 'no timeframe' for the code's arrival.

Household DEATH

10 Oct 2005: Household DEATH!, an HL1 Mod, v1.2 has been re-released.

Nightfall demo

5 Oct 2005: The NightFall team has just finished its demo at the WGC finals, and has a big news write-up at its site.

Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank

1 Oct 2005: The Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank mod has released some brand new media to look at!

Steam visual overhaul

11 Oct 2005: The new Steam UI is officially released.

6 Oct 2005: A beta trial of the new Steam look is underway. See UIBugs for details.

29 Sep 2005: A major 'visual overhaul' has been announced for Steam. Among the changes are improvements to the level of promotion given to mods, and looking ahead a 'distribution system that will work for free content...that should be pretty useful for MOD developers'. More details on the Steam Forums, hlcoders and The Steam Review.

Day of Defeat: Source released!

28 Sept 2005: Day of Defeat: Source is out!