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Day of Defeat: Source is out!

Several errors have come up following Friday's Source update:

  • "gameinfo.txt is missing": Source did not look in SourceMods for mod content, but Steam still did. This issue has been resolved.
  • Hangs: There are 4 causes, latter two could be specific to the update:
    • Core engine files are still being update: Steam's configuration mistakenly allows the game to launch early. This issue should be resolved with the 9/28 release. This was caused by VAC holding onto some .dlls.
    • Your software firewall's rule popup has appeared in the background. Run the game in a window to see it.
    • DirectX is not up-to-date. If you are using 9.0b or older, update to 9.0c. Resolved - Steam will now check for you
    • Forced DX9 mode. See dxlevel solution below. Fixed.

*Low framerates: This update seems to force DX9 for all cards, presumably due to HDR. This results in all sub-DX9 and GeForce FX cards seeing huge performance drops, or simply crashing or rebooting the computer. To get around this, add -dxlevel 70/80/81 to your shortcut. Fixed.

  • Framerate fluctuations: People with dual core 64bit systems (which are unsupported) are also seeing poor performance. The issue can be resolved by forcing your Source game to only run on one CPU.

This article may perhaps be relevent: Windows XP 64-bit Edition and Games

  • Wireframe shaders: The update has broken all custom shaders. Fixed.

On the bright side, DOD:S is still on track!

Day of Defeat: Source is available now for pre-load and pre-purchase! Steam-News

The Dystopia demo has been released! Download it from one of their mirrors and join in the fun!

The Jurassic Rage team have kindly released the source code for their mod's multi-passenger vehicles to the community! Get the files here.

Gabe speaks: Gabe Newell Steamed

Following their TechEd appearance, the Dystopia team have announced the imminent release of the Dystopia demo!

"We are aiming to release the demo before 11:59pm GMT on 9th of September 2005."

MINERVA, the episodic single-player project for Half-Life 2, has released the first map: Metastasis 1. Downloads, screenshots and more at the MINERVA project site...

Team Dystopia have updated their site with photos and a brief report from Microsoft's TechEd convention. They were invited to demonstrate what can be achieved with the Source SDK and Microsoft development tools, demonstrating to a large audience and running their mod on top of the line Alienware computers!

Microsoft has released a new site dedicated to modding for the SDK on their Microsoft Developer Network. It's lacking content at the moment, but does confirm that Valve and Microsoft are working together to get Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition to properly compile the SDK.

Valve has now released the Steam-compatible version of the High-Definition pack for Half-Life 1. If you want more detailed, more realistic models for the classic Half-Life game and Opposing Force and Blue Shift expansions, click away! Install/Uninstall Links added to The steam:// browser protocol page.

Subscribers are beginning to recieve their early copies of CGW magazine, which features nothing short of a Valve bonanza. Look forward to new ally AI in Aftermath, a new HL2 episode every 3 months, Steam 3.0 with a completely new architecture, and more besides. Get all the details here!

Additional coverage on, for those of you with a paper allergy...

Taito has opened Half-Life2 Survivor official page - the arcade game version of HL2. There will be an announcement at AM show(Sep 1-3).

Valve is hiring! If you think you've got what it takes, follow the link and see if you can help out.

A Few Good G-Men is also featured in this week's Escapist magazine, as one of the 'Casual Friday' bonus articles.

Garry's Mod is the feature of an article in this week's The Escapist free online magazine.

The Insurgency mod team have released their first screenshots! Head over to Their site right now to see them.

Valve have signed a distribution deal with Electronic Arts. A distribution deal means EA handle the physical media while Valve retain full IP control - they are essentially self-publishing with EA's retail muscle timing in where they can't.

Take a look at this brilliant new HL2 machinima by R. Glass, A Few Good G-Men. (Bittorrent mirror)

Wow, that was great! Would have been better if we could download it and watch it in-game though. --- Campaignjunkie 15:09, 13 Jul 2005 (PDT)
Yeah. I still think it's only truly machinima if it can be played in-game on one's own computer - think of it as an ultra-efficient video compression system...  :-] --Cargo Cult 15:18, 13 Jul 2005 (PDT) has been updated with a whole new style and up-to-date information. Go and have a look!

SiN 2 has been announced! It will use Steam and Source to become the first episodic, publisherless, AAA title ever made. More information.

Source mappers from several nations are currently working on a project called HL2 Carnival. The concept is to provide purely fun HL2 single-player maps for children of ages 3-12. Not only good for the community but also something positive for Valve and FPS'er games currently in the Media. Click here for more information! --wisemx 07:12, 1 Jul 2005 (PDT)

I've just made the link a bit more obvious. - SEThorian
I feel mappers are The artist on BSP engines, but often suck the life from the game repeating topic (crates, air conducts, etc..) intead influxing new creativity. I am very impresed mappers are creating something really new on the gamming scene --Tei

The wiki has hit over 1,000 users! Congrats! --Mooga 06:17, 1 Jul 2005 (PDT)

Due to a request, I put up a forums to help talk about the wiki and such. Valve Wiki Forums. Please note that this is an unofficial forum. Valve has nothing to do with the it --Mooga 21:28, 30 Jun 2005 (PDT)

Why not use the already established modding forums from the Collective? - Chris Bokitch
But in these forums we can control everything we want. --Mooga 21:28, 30 Jun 2005 (PDT)
Likewise. :) - Chrisb
Why even use bulitin board software anyway, isn't that what talk pages are provided for?.. Skuld 09:48, 2 Jul 2005 (PDT)
Chris, The-Coll really needs a better forum system than ChatBear, seriously. Its old and degenerete /Hipshot

GameSpot has several new screens and a new Q&A session with Robin Walker on Half-Life 2: Aftermath, the first post-Half-Life 2 episode. Contains spoilers! --TomEdwards 13:44, 30 Jun 2005 (PDT)

Why does everybody keep mentioning those spoilers? There were more spoilers in the Half-Life 2 E3 videos.. The Half-Life 2: Aftermath information just seems like basic information? SEThorian

Valve give a lot to the modding community.. Are they worried about the law suits against RockStar for the Hot Coffee Mod for GTA:sa? (Im not trying to start some bloody Hot Coffee argument, just curious if it worries valve.) --Treb 04:35, 10 Sep 2005 (PDT)