Creating your own music

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To do: Add some details or links on the nuts & bolts of working programmatically with .wav files.

Creating Music for your mod

A lot of people ask the question: "How do I create music?" Well, there are many ways to create music. You need software, hardware, and musical talent.


Music isn't something that just appears. It requires talent, time, and dedication. There are programs out there that make music creation easier. Pro ToolsPro tools is a professional program that makes recording instruments easy. FL Studio I use FL Studio. It is a program that allows the user to create quality music without the need for musical instruments. Sony ACID Studio Acid studio is like a combination of FL Studio and Pro Tools, although it doesn't have as many features. Another useful program is Logic Pro. This is only compatible for Macintosh computers but it is a very popular software for professionals.


Audacity Audacity is a powerful freeware sound editor. It allows you to record, edit, and mix audio together. Wavosaur Wavosaur is another freeware sound editor. Like audacity, it allows you to record, edit, and mix audio. But the advantage of Wavosaur over audacity is the support of VST's and the ASIO Sound driver, an advanced sound driver. FL studio also supports the ASIO Driver.


Music requires more than just instruments and software. It requires hardware. Heres a list of hardware that I use:

Mbox is a USB recording hub designed to work with pro tools.

M-Audio Speakers,

Windows XP Home Premium,

SAMSON MDR10 Sound Board.


The Source Engine supports both raw and compressed audio in WAV and MP3 respectively. However, for looping sounds only WAV is supported. PCM 16bit WAV at 44KHz is the highest quality available. Monaural or monophonic audio is NOT supported. To add music to the hammer sound browser, simply place the WAV or MP3 file into the game's sound folder, or make one if there is none.

Recommended VST's

REfx Nexus East West/ Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold

Demo Song

This song was made using only fl studio and pro tools Click to listen