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What: I will explain how you can add a simple pickup like you have in the singleplayer Version: Orange Box SDK.

Update: 2015-8-15

First open "hl2mp_player.cpp" and search for "CHL2MP_Player::PickupObject".

replace the function:

void CHL2MP_Player::PickupObject( CBaseEntity *pObject, bool bLimitMassAndSize )

Note: For some reason this system has a bug and is the object that pulling the gun is fired so to fix this problem replaces the code above with this

void CHL2MP_Player::PickupObject( CBaseEntity *pObject, bool bLimitMassAndSize )
	// can't pick up what you're standing on
	if ( GetGroundEntity() == pObject )
	// Can't be picked up if NPCs are on me
	if ( pObject->HasNPCsOnIt() )
	Weapon_Switch( Weapon_OwnsThisType( "nameofyourweaponentitygotohere" ) );
	PlayerPickupObject( this, pObject );

Tanks For SecobMod Team For The Update Code