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Portal Level Creation:fr

Ce guide va expliquer comment afficher ces lignes lumineuses sur le sol et les murs, quand le trigger est activé. Il est requis de maitriser l'utilisation des l'outil overlay.

Les Overlays

info_overlays all laid out.

The bulk of the lights are comprised of info_overlays. The four textures used are:

  • signage/indicator_lights/indicator_lights_floor
  • signage/indicator_lights/indicator_lights_wall
  • signage/indicator_lights/indicator_lights_corner_wall
  • signage/indicator_lights/indicator_lights_corner_floor
  1. Create a path using the above info_overlays from your trigger to whatever they should activate. Give them all the same name; in this example we will use button_lights. The strips should all be 8 units wide and any length.
  2. Set up the lights, follow one of the following steps:
    1. Set the U Start to 0 and U End to length divided by 32, rounded to the nearest 0.25. This will distort the circles of the indicators slightly, but the indicator strip will end without a partial circle light. This is appropriate for longer strips.
    2. If one of the ends of the strips is concealed by a switch, button, or other object, set the U Start to 0 and U End to length divided by 32, exactly. If your U End is not divisible by 0.25, look at which end of your indicator strips ends with a partial circle light. To switch which end of the strip has the partial light, change your U Start to your old U End value, and change U End to 0.
    3. The easiest way is to resize the overlay to 8*32, then turn off texture lock and resize it's length to requirements.

Checkmark box

Where to put the frame.

1. Create a prop_static with the following properties:

Property Name Value
World Model models/props/sign_frame01/sign_frame01.mdl

Align it so it will be at the end of your light path.

Where to put the brush.

2. Create a 32Wx4Lx32H block brush textured with tools/toolsnodraw. Texture the front with signage/signage_doorstate. Align this brush so it fits inside the prop_static sign frame.

3. Tie the brush to a func_brush entity and give it the same name as your info_overlay entities.

Making it Work

Final product

1. Create a env_texturetoggle entity somewhere near your overlays. Give it the following properties:

Property Name Value
Name button_lights_toggle
Target Brush(es) button_lights (or whatever you named the overlays/func_brush)

2. Now just add the following output to the trigger for your button/switch/etc:

My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
Io11.png (on trigger) button_lights_toggle SetTextureIndex 1 0.00 No
Io11.png (off trigger) button_lights_toggle SetTextureIndex 0 0.00 No

You now have helpful indicator lights to put around your map!

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