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[[Image:hammer_ungroup.jpg | Ungroup the hollowed room to separate the brushes.]]
[[Image:hammer_ungroup.jpg | Ungroup the hollowed room to separate the brushes.]]
Now onto [[Applying Textures]]!

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Select Make Hollow from the Tools Menu.

We can use this to make a hollow room out of the single solid brush we've made.

The Make Hollow command.

Note: If the Make Hollow command is greyed-out, it means you accidentally de-selected the brush. Click on the brush in the 3D View to select it again.

The Hollow dialog appears.

Change the value in the box from the default of "32" to "-16", which will create 16-inch walls for our room. Click OK when you are done.

Set the wall width for the Make Hollow command.

You can move a camera by clicking and dragging the round circle at the end of the camera. This changes the camera position in the map.

Switch to the Camera Tool, and then try dragging the camera down to the left, away from the brush that was created. You can see the results in the 3D View — the camera view is farther away from the brush.

File:Hammer movecamera1.jpg

Move a camera by dragging the camera position.

You can also drag the opposite end of the camera — the end without the circle. This changes what the camera is pointing at.

Try dragging the camera end point, and see the 3D View change to update where the camera is pointing.

Move the camera point of interest by dragging the opposite end.

The movement of the camera isn't restricted to the Top View. Try moving the camera position in the Side View, as seen in this image.

You can see that the 3D View updates as the camera angle changes.

Using the Top View and the Side View, move the camera so it is inside the hollow room, to match this image.

Move the camera in the Side View to inside the hollowed room.

Pick the Selection Tool again.

Pick the Selection Tool.

Left-click the hollow room, so that it turns red, like in the image here. You've selected the room.

Left-click a object in the 3D View to select it.

Select Ungroup from the Tools Menu.

This separates the pieces of the hollowed room into individual brush objects.

Ungroup the hollowed room to separate the brushes.

Now onto Applying Textures!