Creating a Portal radio

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Portal Level Creation

[Portal] This tutorial will show you how to create the Portal radios that usually play the fast instrumental version of the Still Alive song.


  1. Create a prop_physics_override entity and set its World Model keyvalue to models/props/radio_reference.mdl. Place it where you want in your map.
  2. Name the radio radio_1.
  3. Create an ambient_generic entity and place it near the radio. Name it radio_sound_1.
  4. Make the radio_sound_1's Sound Name Portal.room1_Radio. Make its Source Entity Name radio_1.
  5. Make sure none of radio_sound_1's flags are checked.

The radio is now complete!

If you are using fizzler on your map, then:

  1. Create an ambient_generic entity and place it inside the fizzler. Name it radio_sound_fizzle
  2. Make the radio_sound_fizzle's Sound Name UpdateItem.Fizzle.
  3. Create a filter_activator_name. Name it radio_filter. Set Filter Name to radio_1.
  4. Create a trigger_once with the same size and same position as the trigger_portal_cleanser, set the filter to radio_filter and set the following outputs:
Output named Target entities Via this input Parameter Delay
Io11.png OnStartTouch radio_sound_1 StopSound 0.00
Io11.png OnStartTouch radio_sound_fizzle PlaySound 0.00