Creating a Portal 2 Coop Map

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Here are the basic steps needed to create a coop map:

  • Create a func_instance. Set its VMF file to one of the coop spawn rooms, such as instances/coop/coop_spawn_room.vmf. These VMF files already contain an info_player_start, so don't create another one.
  • Create another func_instance, this one set to one of the level end rooms, such as instances/coop/coop_endlevel_room.vmf.
  • Build your map in between these rooms. (You can move them, of course.) The embedded VMF files have an obvious exit which should lead into your map. You may need to enclose the rooms in order to prevent leaks.
  • Make sure you save the map with the prefix mp_coop_.

That's it! See Testing Portal 2 Co-Op Maps Alone for how to test the map without a partner. (To test it with a partner, both must have the bsp file. Get into the hub normally, then the host should changelevel to the map.)