Creating a Danger Zone Map

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Level Creation

Danger Zone is a fast-paced battle royale game mode built on <Counter-Strike: Global Offensive> Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's tactical gameplay where players use their wits, skill, and resources to fight to the finish. Featuring solo or team play.

Warning:  For proper map functionality, map needs to have dz_ prefix and game_mode set to 0 and game_type set to 6.

Note:Valve has released no documentation about this game mode and everything is researched by players.

Basic requirements for a DZ map

See dedicated page of this entity for more information.
Warning: This brush needs to be at least 13440x13440 units big, if not the game will crash upon deploying.
These should be scattered around the map, there needs to be some distance between these otherwise they might fail to spawn.
Warning: Not having enough of these can result in game crash upon deploying. Numbers that are verified to work are 41 and 321.

Fundamental Entities

Point entity to specify location where gas canisters should launch from.
Point entity for setting the name of a map region for display.
Point entity for spawning drone guns.
Point entity for spawning Parachute upgrade.
A trigger volume for hostage rescue zone.
A trigger volume that disables Tablets for players inside of it.
An entity that will fire outputs when events happen during Survival Mode. For example playing ambient_generic after missiles launch.
Note:This entity is not needed for map to work.
A trigger volume that defines the bounds of the survival play area.
Point entity that acts samely to prop_door_rotating, but can be locked and set up with prop_counter and point_dz_weaponspawn to create a door that requires money to unlock.
Note:How to set up this entity correctly is documented on page dedicated to this entity. Quick Link
Point entity that acts as spawn point for various survival entities.
Note:What kind of entities this creates is specified below.

Entities spawned by point_dz_weaponspawn

Warning: Placing these manually in Hammer can lead to undesirable effects!

Safe with money.
Parachute backpack.
Tablet upgrade that shows next safe zone.
Tablet upgrade that shows drones and their trace.
Tablet upgrade that improves zone precision.
Contract to kill a player that will reward $500.
Armor and Helmet.
Bag with money.
Metal crate with SMG weapons.
Can be various crates, utility, explosives, pistols, melees.
Ammo box.
Stack of banknotes.
Drone turret.
A hostage.

Limiting area where players can deploy

Spawnmask texture used for Blacksite

This is controlled by a png that needs to be located in csgo/maps/ with name format dz_mapname_spawnmask. It should represent overview of the map, black filled areas block deploy points.

Adding overview image for tablet

Tablet overview image of Blacksite

This is controlled by a vtf texture that needs to be located in csgo/materials/models/weapons/v_models/tablet/ with name format tablet_radar_dz_mapname

Note: A vmt is not needed.
Note: The tablet overview image is not same as map overview image, it needs to be roughly 30%(?) smaller in order to line up with world.
To do:  Figure out how to make tablet overview to line up with actual map.

Adding overview image for deployment selection

Deployment overview image of Blacksite

This is controlled by a png that needs to be located in csgo/materials/panorama/images/survival/spawnselect/ with name format map_dz_mapname.