Creating a Bomb Defusal Map

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Bomb Defusal scenarios are played in the Classic Competitive and Casual gamemodes. Players earn money by winning rounds, getting kills, and by planting or defusing the bomb. They can purchase weapons and equipment at the beginning of each round.

Bomb Defusal maps require spawn points and buy zones for each team, and at least one bomb site, but usually 2- A and B.

Additionally, Bomb Defusal maps use the de_ prefix in their file name- for example, Dust 2 is named de_dust2.

Spawn points and buy zones

Spawn points

info_player_counterterrorist and info_player_terrorist entities are used to spawn players in at the start of each round.

The Casual game mode is 10 vs. 10 on official servers, but it is a good idea to include 16 spawn points for each team, to work smoothly with 32 player servers.

In Classic Competitive, there are only 5 players on each team. Timings to bomb sites are very important in defuse maps, so you are able to choose certain spawn points to be used before others.

To change the spawn priority, select the spawn point and open the entity properties. Find the Spawn Priority property, and change the number to be higher or lower. Lower numbered spawn points will be picked first.

For example, you might have 5 spawn points set to priority 0, and set the remaining spawn points to priority 1. The 5 spawns set to 0 will be the only spawn points used in Classic Competitive matches.

Buy zones

Create a brush around the spawn points for each team, and texture it with the tools/toolstrigger texture. Now select the brush, and press Ctrl+T to tie it to an entity. Change the entity class to func_buyzone. Open the entity properties, and set the Team Number property- this decides which teams are allowed to use the buy zone.

A func_bomb_target brush, textured with tools/toolstrigger

Bomb sites

Make a brush textured with tools/toolstrigger, and with it selected, press Ctrl+T and change the entity to func_bomb_target. Warning: The property Heist Mode bomb Target is an unused value and should be ignored.

The bombsites are assigned as A and B in the order the func_bomb_target entities were created. Though the offical Bomb Defusal maps have 2 bomb sites, the game will work correctly with just 1.

Place the bomb sites near the Counter-Terrorists so they can be defended easily, and place letter overlays around the bomb site so players can identify each site.

de_ prefix

Though your Bomb Defusal map will work correctly with any prefix (or with none at all), using the de_ prefix allows the game to correctly identity the type of map as a 'Bomb Scenario Mission' during loading screens, if your mapname.txt is configured correctly.

For example, Dust 2 uses the file name de_dust2.

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