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Creating a Bomb Defusal Senario works the same in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as in Counter-Strike: Source. This quick tutorial will show you how you to create spawn points, buy zones and bomb sites.

Spawn Areas

For any CS:GO map to function, at least 1 of both info_player_terrorist or info_player_counterterrorist. You could only use a singular spawn point, but this obviously not work for play testing. The optimal amount of spawn points would be 10 spawn entities each team, but for community owned servers 16 a side would work better. For the objects properties press Alt+ Enter there is a property for Spawn Priority, the value for this determines which spawns will be used first.

If the purpose for your maps is competitive change it to 1 for all but 5 spawns. The 5 spawns set to 0 will be the only spawns used for competitive. Later in your mapping process, spawn positions will become important for timing among other things and you might need to tweak the area near the final stages of creation.

CSGO Buyzones and Spawns

In addition to the spawn entities, maps need Buy Zones, first make a box around the spawn points and texture it with the tools/toolstrigger now press Ctrl+T and change its entity to func_buyzone. In its properties change its Team Number to the corrosponding team

Bomb Sites

Bomb sites are essential for defuse maps, as they are the area to plant the bomb. to set one up make a trigger textured brush and press Ctrl+T and change the entity to a func_bomb_target. The bombsites seem randomly chosen as Site A and Site B when you compile the map. The property Heist Mode bomb Target is an unused value and should be ignored, unless CS:GO is updated to include this in a new or updated gamemode. Place the bomb sites near the Counter-Terrorists so they can be defended easily.

Also place overlays of and bombsite textures around the bomb site so players can identify each site.

CSGO Bombsites