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[[Category:Level Design Tutorials]]
[[Category:Level Design Tutorials]]

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How to create crates in HL2.

A basic crate is just a prop_physics with World Model set to a crate model. For multiplayer mapping, use prop_physics_multiplayer to reduce server strain. Crates, by default, are destroyable and do not contain items.

Normal crate models in HL2/HL2DM:

  • props_junk/wood_crate001a.mdl: The basic cubic crate. Two skins.
  • props_junk/wood_crate001a_damaged.mdl: Beat-up version of the previous. Two skins.
  • props_junk/wood_crate001a_damagedmax.mdl: Even more beat-up version of the previous. Two skins.
  • props_lab/dogobject_wood_crate001a_damagedmax.mdl: Same as previous but with health=1.
  • props_junk/wood_crate002a.mdl: Double-wide version of the basic crate. Two skins.

The easiest way to make a crate unbreakable is to set its "Min Damage To Hurt" property to a very large number.

To make a goody crate (aka ammo crate—the kind where you find health kits, ammo, etc), use an item_item_crate. You can choose what you want the kit to contain using the "Item Type" property in Hammer.

For infinite-ammo bins, use item_ammo_crate. Note that not all ammo types work. See the entity's article for details.

To do: immovable,respawning