Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mapper's Reference

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Here is a reference page for any CS:GO mapper looking for dimensions or numbers that are used for level and map creation. For other tutorials go to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Level Creation page.



Model Height Width/Depth Jump Height
Player Standing 72 32 54 (Normal Jump)
Player Crouching 54 32 64 (Crouch Jump)
View Height 64 N/A N/A
Brush Height Recommended Depth Recommended Width
Stair step 18 16 > 16 >
Thin Wall 128 > 16 64
Thick Wall 128 > 32 64

The smoke grenade diameter is 288 units. The height is a little under 128 units. Molotov/Incendiary grenades have a diameter similar if not the same as a smoke grenade.

Map Prefixes

The map prefix is an indicator to the game and the users as to what gamemode the map/level is, eg: de_ dust2.

There isn't an official deathmatch prefix as the deathmatch gamemode can be played on any map.


  • de - Defuse and Arsenal: Demolition Scenarios
  • cs - Hostage Rescue Scenario
  • ar - Arsenal: Arms Race Scenario
  • gd - Guardian Scenario
  • coop - Co-op Strike Scenario


  • aim - Aim Maps
  • bhop - Bunny Hop Maps
  • surf - Surfing Maps
  • gg - Gun Game (Original Arms Race)
  • fy - Fight Yard
  • kz - Kreedz Climbing