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[[File:CSGO_Authoring_Tools.jpg|270px|thumb|right|Authoring Tools]]
The [[Counter-Strike: Global Offensive]] Authoring Tools, also known as the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive SDK, is a set of software utilities that allow you to create your own levels, and other gameplay elements. They include versions of [[Source SDK]] tools that have been updated to work with the CS:GO version of the Source Engine.
== Availability ==
The SDK is available on Steam to [[Counter-Strike: Global Offensive]] owners with Prime Status running Windows. The Prime Status has to be bought through CS:GO or Steam, or by having bought CS:GO before it became free to play. Players who have been awarded Prime from reaching rank 21 or higher are not given the SDK.
== Downloading and Installation ==
To install the CS:GO SDK {{Steam App Install|id=745|notification=2|customnotification=click here}} or:
# Open the '''Steam '''window.
# Click on the '''LIBRARY''' tab and then the '''TOOLS''' tab.
# Double-click on the '''Counter-Strike Global Offensive SDK''' entry.
# The CS:GO SDK will download to your computer via Steam.
# Once it has been fully installed, you will be able to launch it in the same way you installed it (from the '''Tools''' tab).
== What's included? ==
The package includes:
* [[Hammer]], the Source level editor (Hammer v4.1, Build 7385)
* Suite of command line compiling utilities, such as <code>studiomdl</code> and map compiling tools
* Updated [[Face Poser]] (Valve Face Poser v1.0, Build Date: January 17, 2017)
* Example maps and Prefabs
== Where do I go from here? ==
* If you want to learn about how to create content for the Source Engine in general, the main page of the [[SDK Docs|Source SDK documentation]] is a good place to start.
* For tutorials on CS:GO Level Creation and how to use the Hammer Editor you can use the [[Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Level Creation]] page.
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ya yassin na3n zok 5altek