Converting brushes to models with XSI

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This tutorial shows how to convert brush structures in Hammer Editor into a prop_static using XSI Mod Tool.

Basics and Limitation

  • 1 unit in Hammer = 1 unit in XSI
  • You'll have to set Texture UV in XSI again, so don't spend much time tuning texture in hammer.
  • You need Valve Source Addon(ValveSource.0105.01.xsiaddon) for XSI. This can be found in sourcesdk/xsi.


  • Save brush structures as a prefab in Hammer Editor.
    • Select brush structures.
    • Then click Create Prefab, and save it as .vmf file.

Select brush and Create Prefab

XSI Mod Tool

  • Load that prefab file in XSI Mod Tool using ValveSource>VMF Tools>VMF import.

ValveSource>VMF Tools>VMF import

Brush loaded

Press Ctrl+A to see the whole

  • To make the editing easier do:
    • Go to visibility options(click eye icon in each view), switch to Visual Cues tab, and set U/V Cell/Snap Size to 16 or 32 in Floor/Grid Setup, then click Copy to Translate Snap Increment.

visibility options

Change Grid setup, click Copy to Translate Snap Increment

Now grid displayed

  • In the Snap panel, click ON and grid icons.

Enable Snapping

  • Now XSI works like Hammer's Snap to Grid.
  • Move loaded mesh to the world origin. The world origin in XSI will be the pivot point in Hammer. See Animators Guide to Scripted Sequences for details.

Move the brush so that the World Origin to be centered on the ground

Moved correctly

  • Select the mesh, then click cut button in the Constrain panel. This will free the mesh from MapRoot which has rotations.

Explorer:Mesh is under the MapRoot. Mesh is selected.

Cut Hierarchical Link

Mesh is now free from the MapRoot

  • Delete MapRoot.

Select MapRoot and delete

MapRoot deleted

  • Select the mesh, do Freeze and Freeze All Transformation.


Freeze All Transformation

  • Now you can edit it as you like, give it more detail, etc. Don't forget to texture it, for SMD exporter only export mesh with material and UV informations.

Textured and beveling added

  • If you are happy with your mesh, Freeze and Freeze All Transformation again, then click ValveSource>Export SMD, and export as a reference SMD.

Export SMD


  • Now compile the model and textures. Here I use Cannonfodder's StudioCompiler for compiling prop_static model and texture.

Compiling Model Compiling Texture

  • Preview the compiled model in HLMV

HLMV.exe preview

Hammer again

  • Place it as prop_static in hammer.

placing a prop_static

  • Set the World Model in entity properties.

Select the model

  • Now place the model as you like.

seems float moved to ground