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Command Default Cheat? Help Text
joy_advanced 0 No None
joy_advaxisr 0 No None
joy_advaxisu 0 No None
joy_advaxisv 0 No None
joy_advaxisx 0 No None
joy_advaxisy 0 No None
joy_advaxisz 0 No None
joy_diagonalpov 0 No POV manipulator operates on diagonal axes, too
joy_forwardsensitivity -1 No None
joy_forwardthreshold 0 No None
joy_name 0 No None
joy_pitchsensitivity 1 No None
joy_pitchthreshold 0 No None
joy_sidesensitivity -1 No None
joy_sidethreshold 0 No None
joy_wingmanwarrior_centerhack 0 No Wingman warrior centering hack
joy_wingmanwarrior_turnhack 0 No Wingman warrior hack related to turn axes
joy_yawsensitivity -1 No None
joy_yawthreshold 0 No None
joyadvancedupdate No None
joystick 0 No None
jpeg No Take a jpeg screenshot:

Arguments: <filename> <quality 1-100>

jpeg_quality 90 No Sets screenshot quality
+jlook No None
-jlook No None
+jump No Start player jump upward (button down)
-jump No Stop player jump upward (button up)