Compiling under VS2010

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Visual Studio 2010 is the best choice for Source. You can use the free C++ Express edition.


  1. Follow the instructions for fixing debug compiles in VS2008, which apply here as well.
  2. Right click on the client and server projects in VS and go to Properties > Configuration > General. Change Target Name to client and server respectively.

Fixing Warnings

If you want to remove the "precompiled header" warnings seen during a full compile, open these files in your client project and move #include "cbase.h" up to the first line:

  1. hud_locator.cpp
  2. hud_credits.cpp
  3. hud_flashlight.cpp

Compiling Under Linux

VS 2010 introduces a new format to the project files, namely .vcxproj. This format is incompatible with Valve's distributed vprojtomake converter. Killer Monkey created a new vprojtomake program that converts BOTH .vcproj and .vcxproj to make files as needed for the Source Linux compile. Download vprojtomake 2010

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