Compiler Choices

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The SDK is set up to be compiled with Visual Studio 2005, Visual C++ Express, or gcc (see Talk Page).

Students of MSDN Academic Alliance Member Schools may qualify for discounted Visual Studio media.

Using other compilers

Q: The thought occurs that if the SDK can be tweaked to compile on an older version of VS, maybe it could also be tweaked to compile using Dev-C++ or another free compiler. Has anyone ever tried this? How can I do it? Or is it impossible?
A: Dev-C++ is an IDE. The default compiler it uses is called MinGW, which is a Windows port of GCC (the more-or-less standard Linux compiler). Attempts to compile the SDK using MinGW have failed. Getting it to succeed would require a non-trivial amount of work.

Another solution is to use a port of the SDK to CMake. CMake is a cross-platform makefile and project file generator, and will generate Visual Studio project files for 6.0 2002 and 2003, and also NMake makefiles for the Visual C++ Toolkit. It can also generate GNUmake files for compiling under GCC. It may also assist any porting to MinGW.