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You have several choices for compiling the Source SDK:

  1. Visual Studio 2019 Preview — Recognizes the project as VS2013 one, allowing to compile using it.
  2. Visual Studio 2013 — officially-supported compilers for SDK 2013, works the best for it.
  3. Visual Studio 2010 / Visual C++ Express 2010 — needs a manual fix for Alien Swarm SDK, but works best for it.
  4. GCC — which is used to compile Linux Dedicated Servers.

If you own a copy of Visual Studio you'll probably want to use that, and if you're compiling for Linux you don't have a choice to make, which leaves only the Express editions and the free but non-commercial Community to choose between. Differences between the free Express 2013 for Windows Desktop and Professional/Premium/Ultimate most likely won't be a concern of yours. If you are a current student though you can get a free copy of the Professional edition from Microsoft.

Additional SDKs

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