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*Try recompiling or restarting Steam.
*Try recompiling or restarting Steam.
== '''BSP (vbsp.exe)''' ==
The only thing that isn't a lie here is the pathname thing the REST IS
'''**** leaked ****'''
*The most common compile error. You have at least one [[leak]] in your level. The inside of your map isn't properly sealed to the outside ("void"). Load the pointfile in Hammer. A red line that starts at the specified entity will go through the leak at some point. Follow it in 3D view, seal the leak and recompile. See [[leak|"leaks"]].
'''Brush XXX: WARNING, microbrush'''
*A brush is too small to be compiled (usally smaller than 1 Hammer unit). [[Hammer Go To Brush Dialog|Search for the brush]] with the number specified. Delete the brush and recreate it in a bigger scale.
'''Brush XXX: FloatPlane: bad normal'''
*A brush has an unnecessary vertex on a "flat" plane. Probably a result of using the [[Vertex Tool]]. [[Hammer Go To Brush Dialog|Search for the brush]] with the number specified. Use the Vertex Tool again to fix it by merging the unnecessary vertex with another.
'''Can't find surfaceprop for material, using default'''
*There is a texture in your map that doesn't have a [[Material surface properties|material surface property]]. Probably you used a "model" texture on a world brush. Use the [[Hammer Replace Textures Dialog|replace texture dialog]], search for "model" in your used textures and replace them by others. If you use custom textures make sure they have a <code>[[Creating Materials|$surfaceprop]]</code> value.
'''Error: displacement found on a(n) (entityname) entity - not supported '''
*There is a brush entity in your map that has a [[Hammer Face Edit Disps|displacement]]. Displacements may not be brush entities. Search for a brush entity with a displacement on it and remove the displacement or move the brush entity back to a normal world brush.
'''Error! To use model "filename.mdl" with static_prop, it must be compiled with $staticprop!'''
*There is a [[prop_static]] in your level that is using a incorrect physics model. The model will not show up in game. Use [[prop_physics]] or [[prop_dynamic_override]] instead.
'''Error loading studio model ""!'''
*There is a [[Prop Types Overview|"prop_"]] model in your map using no model or an incorrect model filename.
'''Face List Count >= OVERLAY_BSP_FACE_COUNT'''
*There is a surface with too many [[Hammer Overlay Tool|overlays]] on it or an overlay that is applied to too many surfaces.
'''material "" not found'''
*A surface or an overlay uses no texture or an incorrect texture filename.
'''Memory leak: mempool blocks left in memory:'''
*A chronic error that doesn't affect your map. Ignore.
'''Bad planenum'''
*The editor did not save the File Correctly - Resave and compile. This can also be caused by more then one brush overlapping each other - Normally Caused by a bad Carve.
'''Tried parent'''
*The node in the compile has no parent node - this is very rare, but will most likely be caused by vertex manipulation errors passing through hammers safe guard. Think of a box but the whole box is only one side.
'''XXX with splits'''
*The brush face has been split, and is a big no, no. The best way to try and fix it is to look for tiny brush penetrations, such as the tip of a spike on touching the side of a 1 x 1 x 1 brush.
== '''VIS (vvis.exe)''' ==
== '''VIS (vvis.exe)''' ==

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Common Terms

  • Node -- The brush, side, area, location, etc, that the complier is computing.
  • XXX -- Replace with a brush number or otherwise unique identifier.

General Errors

The system cannot find the file specified

  • Be sure you typed your filename correctly, excluding any dashes, periods, etc. If it persists, try typing the file extention as you save it.

Error opening mapname.bsp

  • The compiler can't find the *.bsp file of your map or it's corrupted. Probably the *.bsp wasn't created by vbsp because of an error. If not check the pathname.

SteamStartup() failed: SteamStartup(0xf,0x12eac4) failed with error 1: The registry is in use by another process, timeout expired

  • Try recompiling or restarting Steam.

The only thing that isn't a lie here is the pathname thing the REST IS

VIS (vvis.exe)

LoadPortals: couldn't read filename.prt

  • Vvis can't find the portal file created by vbsp. Either vbsp didn't create it because of an error (leak?) or vvis uses an incorrect file path.

Leaf (portal XXX) with too many portals.

  • There is an area with too complicate geometry. Try to simplify some rooms and corridors and make smaller structures func_details.

RAD (vrad.exe)

Texture axis perpendicular to face at (XXX, XXX, XXX)

  • At the coordinates specified there is a surface with incorrect texture values. Try to find the surface and make sure the texure is "aligned to world".

WARNING: Too many light styles on a face (XXX,XXX,XXX)

  • At the coordinates specified there is a surface lit by too many "effect" lights. This includes lights that have a name (which compiles both on and off status so you could switch them) or a light using effects like flickering. Remove some of them, disable flickering effects or make sure they don't have a name.

Cant run vrad: it says"planes+fakeplanes=max planes" How i can run rad?


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